Configuring Windows Mail App


The following is a short guide to configuring the Windows Mail and Calendar application to work with your email accounts hosted by Jive Networks.

Mail and Calendar is a free application from Microsoft that may have been installed on your computer by default. If not, the Mail and Calendar app is available to download for free from the Windows Store -
This guide assumes that you have installed the Mail and Calendar application as per the linked page's instructions.

Getting Started

The first time you open the Mail app it will ask if you would like to configure an email account. If you see the following screen when opening Thunderbird, click the "+ Add account" button. If not, see section the next section.

Windows Mail App first run screen 

If you weren't greeted with the above screen, don't worry. Find the menu icon, pictured below, then select "Manage Accounts" > "Add Account" from the settings menu, as shown below. 

Windows Mail Settings IconWindows Mail App Settings MenuWindows Mail App Manage Accounts Menu



Configuring Mail

From the "Add an account" window that pops up, select "Advanced Setup", then "Internet Email" in the next window. Don't worry! This isn't as scary as it may sound.

Windows Mail App add account menuWindows mail advanced email account configuration

You should now be met with the following screen which prompts you for your account details. Enter the appropriate details as shown below, then click "Sign In".

Email address and Username should both be your full email address, and Password is - you guessed it! - the password for your email account. 
Account name is the name that this account will be given in the Mail app if you have more than one account configured. 

For POP Mail Accounts:
The Incoming Server option should be set to
For IMAP Mail Accounts
The Incoming Server option should be set to

SMTP Server should be set to

Authentication and SSL must be enabled for all incoming and outbound mail.

Windows Mail IMAP configuration Screen 

If all things have gone according to plan, you should be greeted with the following success screen. It's time to send some mail!

Window Mail Email Hosting Account Setup Complete

And that's a wrap!

You should now be able to send and recieve emails using your hosted email account. If you experience any difficulty, please double check the email connection settings that you are using, and if you still can't quite get it to work don't hesitate to open a support ticket and we'll do our best to help out!

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