About Jive Networks

Just some friendly locals helping you to get shit done online

Why Jive Networks?

We're a dedicated team of locals here to help you get shit done online!

Whether it's for business, or for pleasure, we have a range of products designed to help you achieve your goals online.

Need a domain name for your new startup or blog? Somewhere to host your website or blog? Personalised email services? Jive Networks is the perfect match for you and your business!

what can we do for you?We provide a range of services for personal and professional use
The Team
Jarrod Developer/Client Relations

Bubble Tea fanatic, Pokémon trainer, maker of things and supporter of underlying technical systems.
Always here to help out a client in need.

David Systems Engineer

Tree hugger, tofu lover. Battle-hardened software architect and systems/network engineer, this guy is a true blackbelt ninja of his craft.

Tony Complex Systems Analyst

Apple enthusiast and IT longbeard, a lover and advocate of his local community. Systems analyst and designer with a penchant for cellular automata rules and discrete systems.

The boring stuff

It's sad but it's true - we need to keep everything in writing.